Hainan: hundreds of lawyers “send law to the countryside” to the farmhouse

Hainan Province, hundreds of 4 lawyers to Ding’an County town and Hanlin Ling Kou Hui, on land issues of concern to farmers and apply for legal aid, legal procedures focus, in the township first to come to the consultation of the farmers for the patient answer, and distributed free to farmers of the “Rural Legal Handbook”.
“There are 1 kilometers away from the village of a chemical factory, has been 10 years of sewage, now directly to the sewage from our team’s field, just sprouting all over rice seedlings, but the pollution not only damages the rice money, our village water and air are getting worse.” Imperial imperial town village more than 10 villagers came early to ask a lawyer consulting field.
1 + 1 China legal aid volunteer lawyer in listened carefully to the demands of the villagers, the villagers should be the first to suggest and county environmental protection department to reflect the town government, by the government to carry on the mediation, because it not only has strength and low cost, but if the government does not exist in the solution of administrative omission behavior, lawyers can be free to help the villagers legal aid. After hearing the lawyer’s answer, the villagers expressed their thanks.
“Listen to the experts explain, I was a bright, we will go back by the lawyer said.” Mr. Li, the villager’s representative, told reporters excitedly. After a villager consulted, excitedly holding the “commonly used Law Manual in rural areas”, said: “I went home to the children to help me see, and later there are problems, we will solve the law, and will no longer ask for help everywhere.”.”
“Farmer friends consultation focused on the issue of administrative litigation, civil disputes and other aspects, in the consultation we feel the farmers’ demand for legal aid is still very strong, we will participate in such activities, let the farmers understand the legal aid program for the formation of normal help protect farmer friends the legitimate rights and interests.” Volunteers Chen lawyer told reporters.
According to reports, the event is jointly organized by the lawyers association of Hainan Province, Hainan Province, law office, legal aid center of Hainan Province, Ding’an County Bureau of justice, Hainan Jinyu, Philip and other law firms and 1 + 1 Chinese legal aid volunteers hundreds of lawyers to participate in the activities of the sending law to the countryside.

Eighteen representatives Tong Lihua: public welfare lawyers are also maintaining stability

Tong Lihua, the eighteen great representative and public welfare lawyer, believes that resolving social contradictions by public welfare lawyers can not only reduce costs, but also improve efficiency and quality
Tong Lihua, director of Beijing Cheng Cheng law firm, Beijing Municipal People’s congress. It has established three public welfare institutions, such as the legal aid and research center of Cheng Cheng peasant workers in Beijing. Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin photo
Public welfare lawyers or social organizations are neutral, responsible for the law, and they resolve social conflicts, both to reduce costs, but also to improve efficiency and quality.
Interview motivation
By the end of 1998, for 3 and a half years Tong Lihua has become Beijing city to the director of law firm, he also became the youngest director of Beijing state law.
Just this year, Tong Lihua founded a free legal advisory hotline, and has since joined the public service.
He has produced hundreds of thousands of savings, founded the Beijing Youth Legal Aid and Research Center, and founded the legal aid and research center of the Beijing Zhicheng peasant workers, and the Rural Law Research Association of Beijing law society.
When the budget was most difficult, he had to sell his house to pay his debts.
Today, Tong Lihua, 41, has been elected as the eighteen largest representative of the Communist Party of China as a public welfare lawyer and has become one of the 3 representatives of the legal profession.
Migrant workers send text messages to congratulate
Beijing News: when did you know that you were elected the eighteen largest representative?
Tong Lihua: in July this year, the Eleventh Party Congress of Beijing City elected the eighteen representatives of the Party of Beijing. I was lucky enough to be elected.
Beijing News: after election, what changes?
Tong Lihua: Yes, I am an honor and a responsibility. Many migrant workers have sent text messages to congratulate me, and I hope I can make suggestions for the people at the meeting.
Beijing News: what are the plans for participants?
Tong Lihua: I have been concerned about the protection of vulnerable groups such as children and migrant workers; second, the basic strategy of promoting the rule of law, so that the law has become the lowest and most effective way to safeguard the rights of the common people. Of course, the most important thing is to rule the country by law.

Net condom female testers cited questioned lawyers alleged prostitution in disguise

London November 8th news: according to the “Youth Daily” reported that recently, the people appeared on the Internet such a recruitment information: daily wage of 3000 yuan, as long as it is young and healthy, cheerful and lively, can apply for women. However, such a high salary recruitment information was forwarded to micro-blog, but it caused users shocked and questioned, because it turned out to be female condom testing staff. Some netizens even think so, its essence is the open and aboveboard recruitment and prostitution is open. After an interview with reporters, the people’s network deleted this information.
Online recruitment of female condom testers
Recently, in a blog post on micro-blog posted a net recruitment website screenshot, screenshot emblazoned with the words “condom testers, a monthly salary of over a million” title, the salary is 3000 yuan / day, working in Shanghai Nanhui, the recruitment is women aged 18-25 requirements handsome, generous, cheerful and lively. The screenshot showed that the recruitment information was released at half past two p. m. on November 4th, and in less than 3 hours, 22 people applied for the post.
In order to verify that micro-blog’s view, people network reporter login, and enter the “condom testers” to search the two recruitment information on the final screen, one of which is micro-blog in the screenshot, the other one is to recruit female condom testers, and similar content before a recruitment information, working place is in Nanhui however, only 500-1000 yuan a day.
Testers must have a live test”
The reporter called one of the recruitment messages, and a man named Chen was connected to the phone. He admitted that it was his message. According to Mr. Chen, who is a condom manufacturer and a staff member at Shanghai Office for several months, has been tested for condom testing.
When asked about hiring male testers, Mr. Chen said, “we don’t have that demand for the moment. The testers are enough.”.” However, he hinted, “if you introduce a girl to a test, you’ll be a tester when you have more acquaintances.”.”
When asked what the female condom test would be like, Mr Chen said bluntly, “although there are machine tests, we’re basically live testers here.”.” “We don’t have that much money to buy equipment, and the machine tests create errors,” he explains. In real life tests, women do not have to do anything, and the results are mainly recorded by men.”
Is there a violation of ethics and the law by condom testing? “You don’t want to do it or somebody else does it.”. If you insist that is what I have that prostitution, need to pay you the high reward Wubaiyiqian?” He said: “we all have rules, usually you come in after the interview, one day to do a test, you can, more tests will not give you more money.”. We have no special requirements for the appointment, as long as the young, height, weight normal, you can have the best health certificate.”

Zhao Cheng: lawyers have been extensively involved in economic, political, social, cultural and other fields

Vice Minister of Beijing in November 13, the Ministry of justice, xinhuanet.com party members Zhao Dacheng in answering reporters’ questions, xinhuanet.com said, lawyers not only has been widely involved in various fields of national economic, political, social, cultural and ecological civilization, and to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, and promote government administration according to law and judicial organs the judicial justice, public law plays a unique and irreplaceable role.
Zhao Dacheng said that the lawyer system is an integral part of our judicial system. Lawyers work in China’s judicial activities, has a very important and unique role. According to the provisions of the law, the main responsibilities of lawyers in China can be summed up as “three dimensional protection”, that is to safeguard the correct implementation of the law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, and safeguard social equity and justice.
Zhao Cheng pointed out that as our country democracy and the rule of law construction, the full implementation of the rule of law, especially the legal consciousness of citizens, the growing awareness of rights, lawyers working in economy, society and people’s life, more and more involved in the field is broad, the role played by more and more significant.
Zhao Dacheng briefed reporters on a group of figures: from 1980 to restore the lawyer system, and now, the country’s lawyers from the original more than 200 people to now close to 220 thousand people, the country’s law firms have close to two. In these years, all kinds of litigation cases, such as the so-called litigation, are dealt with each year, and about 2000000 cases should be handled by lawyers every year. In addition, the non litigation legal affairs handled by the National Lawyers, including business activities and so on, reach 1 million pieces each year. Lawyers across the country also provide legal advice and assistance to more than 23000 government departments.

Women before divorce brush husband credit card lawyer: husband and wife need common debt

6 years of marriage, are their own family, but also to the credit card to brush his wife, who expects his wife to brush credit card after divorce. Yesterday, Wuhan Qingshan District Man Wang aggrievedly unceasingly, to consult the legal aid center area to chase the ten thousand yuan of money to his wife.
Wang, 33 years old, 6 years ago in the online acquaintance with money, half a year after the two married. After marriage, two families living expenses has been Wang in the burden, during the period, under the encouragement of money, Wang also did a few credit cards, but the credit card is also a money in hand.
In August this year, Qian suddenly filed for divorce, Wang Moucai found that she had derailed, and overdraft more credit cards, leaving more than ten thousand yuan of debt. Depressed Wang consulted the Castle Peak District Legal Aid center. Center told Wang, although the money is overdrawn, but belong to the joint debt of the husband and wife, money to return, Wang also has the obligation. (according to Chutian Metropolis Daily)

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